General questions about making your custom stickers or logos with us. 

Sticker questions?

How long will my stickers last?

All of our stickers printed on white vinyls are guaranteed to last between 3 and 5 years. We protect your stickers with a laminate that is resistant to fading and cracking from harsh UV sunlight.

Can you split the back of my stickers?

We do not split the backs of any of our stickers currently. Our Stickers are thick and easy to peel.

Will my stickers be weatherproof?

All of our stickers printed on white are weather proof and guaranteed to last 3 to 5 years. We protect your stickers with a laminate that is resistant to fading and cracking from the harsh UV sunlight.
They are also dishwasher safe.

Are these paper stickers?

No, paper stickers would make them not water or weatherproof.

Do you offer a matte finish?

Yes, we offer both a matte and gloss finish to our stickers.

What type of vinyl do you use?

We use ORAJET 3164RA vinyl.

Here you will find many "how to..." that will help you create stickers just as you want. Also a lot of great information on how to make unique stickers, use effects, materials, and so on

How to...

How do I prepare my file to print with Sticker Sasquatch?

To make your sticker printing journey easier, here’s a quick “how to” guide for the experienced designer who wants to take full control of their sticker design. Confused by some of these steps? Just leave us a comment in the editor and we’ll give you a hand!


Make sure to work in CMYK mode from the beginning when creating your design on photoshop, procreate or illustrator. You can change the file from RGB to CMYK but the colors may change and we cannot guarantee they will print to your exact expectation. 


There are many ways to create your cutline depending on your skill level. Before getting started, make sure the size of your design is the exact size you want your printed sticker in order for the cutline to be accurate. Here are instructions for a basic custom cutline:

  1. Make sure the file is created as a vector file
  2. Copy your design as a new layer
  3. Go to pathfinder → Merge → Unite
  4. Add spot colors 0,100,0,0 and name it “die cut”
  5. Go to object --> path --> offset path (Offset path=0,2cm or 2mm, miter limit = 4)

How do I make a true black?

There are different shades of black, such as: regular black, carbon black, midnight black, charcoal gray, black blue and rich black. You can choose which shade of black you want on the sticker because it makes a big difference to the design and also to the effect if you have chosen it. Whatever shade of black you choose for your sticker, it is important to think about how it will look in relation to other colors and backgrounds. 

At Sticker Sasquatch, we print stickers in CMYK which stands for cyan, magenta, yellow and black. By using a combination of these four colors, you can get a variety of colors on your stickers, including a rich shade of black. But if you want a true black color that gives your sticker that extra weight, we can do that too!

How do I make a transparent background on my artwork?

You can remove the background of your artwork in Photoshop or similar programs. If you do not have any programs to allow you to do this, you can email us your artwork or leave a comment in the sticker maker and we can help you with it to a certain extent.

How do I get my stickers featured on your Instagram?

You simply place your order and our team will decide if we would like to post a picture of your stickers on our instagram.

We also must take time into consideration as we do not hold up our production line to take the photos of the stickers.

You can always post your own photo on instagram and tag us with #stickersasquatch which we browse through daily.

Here are some of the most common questions that our customers and other sticker lovers may ask.

People also asked...

Do you offer window stickers?

We offer stickers/decals that can be attached to windows. This means that the glue is on the front side which makes the sticker stick to the front of the design. This allows the color print to be seen through the glass pane. In addition, they are practical and removable and do not leave any marks or damage the window. 

You can create your own design or message from the sticker. They can be used equally well indoors or outdoors as they are water resistant and also UV resistant which means they can withstand sunlight for up to 4 years without being affected.

What is a kiss cut sticker?

A kiss-cut sticker is essentially a sticker surrounded by removable backing material that's larger than the sticker itself. The term 'kiss cut' refers to the laser-cutting technique used to cut around the sticker while leaving the backing material intact, so that the two are effectively “kissing”. 

Kiss cut stickers are typically produced using a specialized cutting tool, such as a vinyl cutter or plotter, that is programmed to create a precise cut through the top layer of the vinyl material without cutting through the backing material.

A kiss-cut sticker is a type of vinyl sticker that is cut through the vinyl layer but not through the backing material, allowing the sticker to remain intact until it is peeled off for application.

The term "kiss cut" refers to the process of cutting only the top layer of the vinyl material, leaving the backing material untouched. This allows the sticker to be easily peeled off and applied to a surface, while the backing material can be discarded.

Kiss-cut stickers are commonly used for promotional purposes, such as branding and advertising, and are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and designs. They are also popular among artists and designers who use them for custom projects and personalization.

What is the difference between RGB and CMYK?

These are the two main color models. RGB and CMYK.

RGB stands for red, green, and blue and is compatible with screen viewing. RGB colors will appear brighter since they are formatted with the brightness of a computer screen to enhance these colors. 

CMYK stands for cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. This is compatible with printing and this is the color mode that we print in. The richest black when printing with us will be 40,40,40,100.

The takeaway, create your artwork in CMYK so your file's colors will be accurate to the final print. RGB allows for very bright and vibrant colors while CMYK is a little duller, convert your color profile in your file to CMYK so you are not surprised by your printed sticker's colors! 

Here is an example of the color conversion from RGB to CMYK.